As Essential Ingredient


Delight in the Word of God

Eric Mason is co-founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He also serves as president of Thriving, an urban missions collaborative, and is a board member of Acts 29 church planting network.

Eric and his wife, Yvette, have four children. He is the author of Manhood Restored and Unleashed – from which this week’s readings are adapted..

I love to watch Chopped.  It is a show on the Food Network where world-class chefs are given mystery ingredients in a contest to prepare a three-course meal.  Many times the ingredients are exotic items that aren’t easily mixed into the same dish.  Chefs are judged on their ability to highlight the ingredients in a meal that possesses great presentation, taste, and creativity.  Most episodes have a least one chef who forgets to add the key ingredient or fails to properly feature the key ingredient – making it more of a footnote in the dish.  These chefs usually lose the competition.

The Word of God is an essential ingredient to our sanctification and growth.  It is impossible to grow without the Word of God.  I would call the Word of God a gateway to grace.  What I mean by gateway is that all of the ways we grow are contained in it.  We would not know God, Jesus, the gospel, or any means necessary for growth without the Word of God.

Key Study Passage: Psalm 19:7-11

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