Beautiful Glimpses


let go of anger

Key Bible Verse: “I am creating new heavens and a new earth. The weary and painful past will be as if it never happened. … So take joy and celebrate with unending gladness on account of what I am creating.” (Isaiah 65:17-18, The Voice)

Dig Deeper: Isaiah 65:17-25

Yes, the world is broken.  But don’t be offended by it.  Instead, thank God that he’s intervened in it, and he’s going to restore it to everything it was meant to be.  His kingdom is breaking through, bit by bit.  Recognize it, and wonder at it.

War is not exceptional; peace is.  Worry is not exceptional; trust is.  Decay is not exceptional; restoration is.  Anger is not exceptional; gratitude is.  Selfishness is not exceptional; sacrifice is.  Defensiveness is not exceptional; love is.

And judgmentalism is not exceptional.  But grace is.

Recognize our current state, and then replace the shock and anger with gratitude.  Someone cuts you off on your commute?  Just expect it.  No big deal.  Let it drop, and then be thankful for the person, that exceptional person, who lets you merge.  See the human heart for what it is, adjust expectations, and be grateful, not angry.

When you see, in the midst of all this mess, beautiful glimpses of God’s kingdom, defined by love, breathe it in.

Recognize our brokenness, and then gaze at the beauty of God’s manifested love and grace breaking into the world, because grace is amazing.  For now, grace is the exception, [but] it’s a beautiful one.

– Brant Hansen in Unoffendable

My Response: This week, I will look for glimpses of God’s kingdom around me.

Thought to Apply: A kindness received should be returned with a freer hand. – Saint Ambrose (early church bishop)

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