Believing Doubt


Doubt that Deepens Faith

Key Bible Verse: The father instantly cried out, “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

Dig Deeper: Mark 9:14-29

It may seem like a contradiction in terms to use the phrase “believing doubt”.  If you believe something you do not doubt it, right?  That is true only if you have full understanding of it and full confidence in it.  While we ought to have full confidence in God, two things stand between us and that.  First, we cannot comprehend all that God is and what he is doing.  Struggle is the second obstacle.  We have not arrived at a place of perfect holiness, which means we have not arrived at a place of perfect trust.

What makes out doubt “believing doubt” is what we do with it.  Believing doubt strengthens our beliefs.  Instead of letting unbelief in, it ventures out in faith and seeks to waylay it.  This sort of doubt is the catalyst to find what we believe.  It starts from the place of simple belief and becomes stronger as it encounters, engages, and overcomes unbelief.  And it can do this because it is belief backed by a real, good God.  It is not merely intellectual sparring, but rather spiritual engagement through the Holy Spirit.  Believing doubt will [first be anchored] in God’s unshakable character and Word, and then take on questions that harass and attack.

– Barnabas Piper in Help My Unbelief

My Response: What are some lingering “believing doubts” or questions that I have about my faith?  I will seek out a pastor or mentor to help me work through them.

Thought to Apply: Doubt is looking for light.  Unbelief is content with darkness. – Henry Drumond (Scottish evangelist, writer, lecturer)

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