Beyond Your Circle


Seeing the Good in Others

Key Bible Verse: “If you love only those who love you, why should you get credit for that? Even sinners love those who love them!” (Luke 6:32)

Dig Deeper: Luke 6:27-36

As the King goes, so go his people. He moves toward people; we move toward people. He moves toward people who seek him and people who do not; we move toward those who want help and those who seem distant and marginalized. He moves toward friends and even enemies; we move out beyond our circle of friends to those far beyond that circle.

Imagine how this can transform our churches. Instead of talking to the same people – those with whom we are comfortable and who are similar to us – we treat others as God has treated us. Imagine how aloneness could gradually be banished.

It sounds great, and it is fun to imagine, but it is so difficult to practice, which is as it should be. If it were easy, we could simply do it. But since it’s hard, unnatural, and, at times, impossible, we are driven back to, “Jesus, help.”

Make no mistake: to move toward others is hard. There are some people we don’t click with, some we don’t like, and some who have wronged us. It is good to move toward others, but it is not easy.

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