Cherishing Your Wife


Key Bible Verse: Rejoice in the wife of your youth. (Proverbs 5:18)

Dig Deeper: 

How can you better cherish your spouse so she can become the person God made [her] to be? What do you have to do in private? What do you have to do in public? What’s the best way for you to showcase your particular spouse with [her] particular personality and gifts while helping [her] overcome [her] vulnerabilities and weaknesses?

If your spouse is an introvert, rather than push [her] onto center stage, it may mean making sure you stay by her in social situations because [she needs] your support. You don’t resent this—not if you cherish your spouse. You find comfort in knowing your spouse feels comfortable.

If your spouse needs time alone, showcasing may mean offering [her] opportunities to go off by [herself]. You don’t resent this or take it personally; instead, you find a quiet contentment knowing [her] needs are being met.

Showcasing is all about making the beautiful yet more beautiful. The concept of cherishing—valuing someone, holding someone dear, wanting to showcase their beauty the way a new fiancée shows off her engagement ring, taking pleasure in your spouse’s pleasure—helps us recapture a better, more productive, and more intimacy-enhancing mindset.

– Gary Thomas in Cherish

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