Deep Happiness


Unshakeable Happiness

God made the church to be a resource for joy, a repository of gladness, and a manifestation of happiness rooted in heaven. – Tim McConnell (Lead pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Key Bible Verse: You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy. (Psalm 30:11)

Dig Deeper: Psalm 30

Is your church happy? Most of us are not sure how to answer that question. It seems like church should be a happy place, right?

Yes, it should. Church should be a happy place not because we want it to be but because God wants it to be. God has intentions and purposes for the church, and oddly enough, those purposes include instilling joy in his people. The church’s influence on the world depends on its joy. It is time to equip Christians to release joy in their churches, to live into a neglected aspect of the Christian life—we are meant to be a people in pursuit of radical joy.

We are not chasing superficial, circumstantial happiness. We must pursue happiness at its depth, where it includes more than a favourable moment. This thicker meaning includes the sad kind of happiness, like when a loved one passes away but we know she is with Christ, or the tired kind of happiness after a hard day’s work. There is a kind of happiness right in the middle of pain and struggle. I am talking about a thicker happy than the superficial sentimentality of the moment.

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