Develop a Generous Eye


Generosity is fundamental to God’s nature. – Craig Groeschel (Founding and senior pastor of Life.Church in Edmund, Oklahoma)

Key Bible Verse: Tell [those who are rich] to use their money to do good. (1 Timothy 6:18)

Dig Deeper: 

God’s Word gives us a simple but awesome promise: “He who has a generous eye will be blessed” (Prov. 22:9, NKJV). I love the way this is worded, “a generous eye.” It’s so easy to understand and so powerfully true. I know several business leaders with an eye for the best deal. Designers may have an eye for colour. You may have an eye for details or for the big picture. But all of us can have a generous eye. And all of us can experience the consequence — being blessed — of such a generous attitude.

What would you see if you looked at the world through generous eyes? You might notice needs that escape other people, or identify places where you alone are capable of giving what’s needed. Seeing with generous eyes would colour your thinking beyond yourself:

“God, who can I bless in this present situation?”

“What do I have that I could use to make a difference?”

“What is the need here—and what can I do to meet it?”

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