From here to there to everywhere, God is always moving.

by Jeff Stearns

Picking topics and themes to explore in Seven magazine is one of the things I enjoy most. It has been beneficial and entertaining to look at topics like technology, money, faith in the workplace, anger, society’s fascination with the supernatural, marriage, sex and music. When I am looking for inspiration for new topics I will often stroll through the local bookstore to check out the latest hot topics. The magazine racks can be both discouraging and illuminating. The men’s magazines (and many of the women’s magazines) seem to focus only on sex and money. It’s a sad statement about much of our culture.

I am always amazed by the sheer number of magazines focusing on transportation. Several racks are devoted to planes, trains and automobiles. Car magazines alone account for dozens of different specialty magazines: classic cars, new and used cars, hot rods, specific brands and even model cars. Could we do a transportation themed issue of Seven? How would this relate to a Christian men’s magazine? And more importantly, could I convince car manufacturers to loan me test cars to play with?

Perhaps by searching the Bible I could find some examples that might provide illumination.

Could Balaam’s donkey count as a precursor to today’s collision avoidance systems? Elijah’s chariot an early example of air travel? Solomon’s love of Egyptian chariots the extremes car collectors can go to? Although Jesus and the disciples traveled often by boat they seemed to travel most by foot. Even when the disciples took the boat He still sometimes chose to walk.

Transportation was not His focus but the heart with which you made the journey.

I commute about an hour each way for work. Over time that adds up to a significant amount. I know this experience is not unique to me—the evidence is daily sitting in the flow of traffic around me. Attempting to redeem the time I spend commuting, I have listened to audio books, the Bible on CD, talk radio, music and prayed. How can we best make use of this time and make it better?

Car dealerships and the autoshop are something we all have experience with as customers. But what is it like from the other side? For Christians who work in those businesses what does it mean to live with integrity in an industry that is often know for its lack of it?

A Google search for Christian motorcycle clubs will present you with pages of results. What is the connection? Are these groups for entertainment or is their purpose evangelistic?

Sadly, and not suprisingly, no car companies offered their shiny new vehicles for us to take for a test drive cruise. But I think we have something better to offer you this month, articles that help you explore faith and the heart with which you make your journey.


Jeff Stearns is the editorial director for Seven magazine.