Christian men can make a huge impact in the lives of desperately needy children.

by Kirk Giles

Two hours after I returned home from South Africa [in October of 2010], our family received a phone call that would dramatically change our lives. We were asked if we would consider taking a two-year-old boy and be foster parents to him. After agreeing to this opportunity, we were asked the next day if we would also take his three-year-old brother.

This began our journey of really investing in children that are not biologically our own. These two boys stayed in our home for six months before returning to their own family. It was not always an easy experience as we had to learn to adjust to them and they had to adjust to us, but it was filled with many rich rewards along the way. Now that they are home, we are grateful to be able to continue to build our friendship with their family and to help encourage these boys as they go through life.

One of the most heartbreaking realities in this journey came when it was clear that the “father” of these boys was not around. Sadly, this is a reality faced by too many children in our nation today.

[In 2011], the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada began to challenge the Christian community to respond to the needs of more than 30,000 children in Canada who are adoptable. Focus on the Family also ran a series of concerts across the country to bring the same message. At Promise Keepers Canada, we are excited to add our voice to theirs.

Many of the children who need to be adopted or need foster parents come from homes where there is no father.

There are men in this world whose choices hurt these children and their families. We believe it is going to take men who choose to follow Jesus to undo the impact of men who have chosen to walk in darkness.

As men who have experienced what it means to be adopted as God’s children, we can appreciate the impact of a Father’s love. As men, we have the opportunity to step out and represent our heavenly Father to children who desperately need a father.

I do not know what that this will look like for you and your family, but I want to urge you to begin the process of praying together and seeking how God would have you be a voice of hope and love to the fatherless of our nation.

Fatherless children are a reality. Together, we can be part of the solution.

Kirk Giles is the president of Promise Keepers Canada. However, his most important roles as a man are husband to Shannon and father to Carter, Joshua, Sydney and Samuel.
Want to learn how you can make an impact in the life a fatherless child? Attend a Fatherless Project Training event in your area.

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