I can’t afford the ticket price. What can I do?

Promise Keepers Canada does not want any man to miss this event!  If finances are a challenge for you to afford the registration fee for this event, please call our toll free number.  A limited supply of benevolent registrations are available for men who cannot afford the registration fee.

When will I get my wristband(s)?

Wristbands will be mailed until a couple weeks before the event. After this date, wristbands can be picked up when doors open on the day of the event. In the event you do not receive your wristbands, please bring your receipt to the Registration Desk at the event where replacement wristbands will be made available.

Workshop registrations do not receive a wristband. Your name will be on a list at the door. Just check-in when you arrive for the workshop.

Can I get a refund?

Purchasers wishing to receive a refund for unused registrations have the following options:

1. Return the registration(s) for a tax receipt. Tax receipts will be issued for the entire ticket cost.
2. Return the registration(s) for a refund. However, the following conditions apply to any refund:

– If the registrations were purchased as part of a group sale, the complimentary ticket(s) will be deducted first.
– If, after returning tickets, the final amount of group registrations purchased falls below 10 in total, the entire purchase will be recalculated at the early bird price per ticket.
– Returned registrations will then be subject to a $25 per registration administration fee.

Example of Refund:

Original Purchase

– 10 registrations X $55 = $550
– Plus 1 complimentary ticket added for purchase of 10 registrations.
– Total of 11 registrations for $550

Refund Request

– Request refund for 5 unused registrations.
– One used registration is considered the complimentary ticket, reducing refund request to 4 unused registrations.
– Returning 4 registrations reduces the original purchase number to 6 tickets. Original purchase cost is recalculated at Early Bird rate of $65 per registration.
6 X $65 = $390
– Returned registrations subjected to admin fee
4 x $25 = $100
– New costs and admin fee deducted from original purchase amount
$550 – $390 – $100 = $60
– Total refund for 5 registrations after adjustments is $60