From Duty to Delight


Why Put Jesus in Charge

Key Bible Verse: “Follow me and be my disciple.” Luke 5:27

Dig Deeper: Luke 5:27-31

As my professor pleaded with us to be free from religion and alive with the grace and love of God, a light went on in my heart. In my inner person I agreed, and I walked out of the class a free man. I realized that I had been taught most of my life that devotion was duty to God, not delight in God. I quietly determined to live for delight, not duty.

As a result, the weight of religion with rules rolled off me like a heavy backpack falling to the ground. Who took it and how it was lifted off me, I wasn’t sure, but it was gone. I felt free. I knew from the moment, I didn’t need to do anything – and indeed could not do anything – to make God love me. I didn’t have to do things to earn God’s love. I was free to love God simply because he loved me first. I felt free and full of hope.

Since that day, I have lived like a man unshackled from prison chains. I feel fully human, alive, set free to enjoy God.

I know I belong to God. Being loved by God is incredible! Accepting his love and forgiveness is my response to that incredible love.

– Floyd McClung in Follow

My Response: How is rule-driven religion different from what Floyd describes in Sunday and Monday’s readings?

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