Gift of the Spirit

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2016

Recognizing the Spirit's Presence

Key Bible Verse: Again [Jesus] said, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” (John 20:21)

Dig Deeper: John 20:19-23

When Jesus sent his followers out to preach and heal, he pulled them close to him and, in a sacramental moment, breathed on them. This act signified that he was passing his Spirit to them, signifying the life-breath of the Creator and Re-creator going into the sprout of a new humanity. It was a gift and a blessing specially given for the special work that he’s asked them to do, a forecast of greater things to come.

That breath of giving was the sprout from the stump of Jesse branching out to bear fruit after his kind. Where the king of the ancient line had healed, now he called his friends, his siblings to heal. They were to go out as emissaries of the King, [bearing] the same power of kingship that was on their leader.

“Greater works you will do than those you’ve seen men do,” he said of those who believe in him (John 14:12, my paraphrase). Why? Because they, filled with the Spirit of good kingship, of truth and healing, have the power to do so in his name, the name of the heir of a strange and unseen throne, carrying the King’s seal to make visible an eternal kingdom.

– Paul Pastor in The Face of the Deep

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