God Is Eager to Help



Key Bible Verse: O LORD, you are so good, so ready to forgive, so full of unfailing love for all who ask for your help. (Psalm 86:5)

Dig Deeper: Psalm 86

Think of [the most inspiring] moment in [a movie you’ve seen, when] excitement runs up your spine and works its way out through goosebumps on your skin.  Multiply that a hundredfold, and that’s the feeling you should associate with the moment God sent fire to consume the altar in full view of the desperate, disappointed, humbled, bloodied, hoarse, and enraged prophets of Baal.

Hundreds of people had been watching this death match play out all day long – and then suddenly, spontaneously, all of those spectators fell on their faces, loudly declaring their worship and support of Elijah’s God – the Victor!  If you had witnessed it, you, too, would have fallen flat on your face in awe and worship.

What was most stunning to the people was that Elijah’s God didn’t require a theatrical performance to spur him to action.  Elijah didn’t have to make a big scene, scream till his voice was raw, or mar his flesh.  It was as if Jehovah had been sitting on the edge of heaven, with his feet hanging off the ledge, waiting for the moment he was asked to intervene. He was eager to respond to the request of his servant.  He wanted to help, and he didn’t have to be asked twice.

– Johnnie Moore in Dirty God

My Response: Do I pray believing that God can and will answer my prayers?

Thought to Apply: God’s heart, not mine, is the measure of his giving; not my capacity to receive, but his capacity to give. – Charles Spurgeon (British preacher)

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