Hope on the Horizon



Key Bible Verse: The Lord has sent this message to every land: “Tell the people of Israel, ‘Look, your Saviour is coming. See, he brings his reward with him as he comes.'” (Isaiah 62:11)

Dig Deeper: Isaiah 62

For Simeon’s entire life, pagans dominated and oppressed his people, while he waited, and waited, for the comfort of Israel. God’s people, Israel, had been oppressed for almost six centuries by the time that we learn about Simeon’s waiting. Even when they weren’t subject to foreign nations, they had never really lived up to their covenant with God. They had never been the light to the nations they were intended to be.

Simeon had ingested the vision of the Scripture to the point that it had given a framework for everything he was waiting for in his life. It gave context to all of the suffering that his eyes had seen, and it gave hope for those eyes to keep waking up and watching for Israel’s true King to come at last.

May it be so for you and me too, so that we can let the church’s call of Advent through the centuries incessantly ring throughout our souls: Our King and Saviour now draws near. Come, let us adore him.

– Daniel Ethan Harris in Wait

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