Making sense of the supernatural

By Kirk Giles

My daughter, Sydney, [when she was] 12 years old— [was] just the right age to become very interested in the Twilight movie series about romance, humans, vampires, and werewolves. All across our nation girls have been drawn to this tale of love. But the presentation of fantasy and the relation of humans to the supernatural is something that also features throughout.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the supernatural has been something that our culture has been curious about—some have even become obsessed with it. It’s not limited to the movies either. It’s been presented in subtle and not so subtle ways on television, in video games, and in other parts of our life for a very long time.

As men who follow Jesus, what should our level of interest and focus be when it comes to the supernatural? As fathers and husbands, how do we help our families navigate the supernatural that they encounter regularly?

The first thing we must recognize is that the supernatural exists. To ignore it and to even pretend that it is just harmless fun would be a mistake. Scriptures is very clear—there is another realm that we cannot see. There’s a real God who has real angels serving Him, and a real Holy Spirit who is at work all around our world. At the same time, there is a very real Satan who has his demons at work to destroy all believers in Jesus and to tempt people to look to him instead of the true King and powerful One— Jesus Christ.

Satan offers the intrigue and false promise of power. If we’re honest, there’s something about the dark supernatural that often intrigues people and causes them to explore. Maybe it’s because, deep down, we all have a desire to be like God or experience a power that we don’t experience in our everyday lives.

Sometimes, we’re simply deceived and are sucked into a vortex of seeing everything as just “harmless fun.” We must ask where our heart is. If we are giving a portion of our heart to “harmless fun” we’re actually focusing on darkness. Are we truly giving our whole heart to Jesus? Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Rather than asking the question of whether we should avoid something, ask the question “how is this showing how much I love God?”

While the world trumpets the supernatural, Canadian Christians often seem to downplay the God we serve and the supernatural ways He is working around the world. There may be many reasons for this, and some may even be legitimate concerns. However, it’s also a mistake to try put God in a box that we can control and feel comfortable with. It’s not only sin, but a lost opportunity for us to experience all that God may want to do in our midst as Christians.

Not only is God all powerful, but He created the whole concept of power and the supernatural. The supernatural provides an opportunity and a responsibility for us to bring spiritual leadership to our families. We must use the reality of the supernatural in our world as an opportunity to point our families and communities to the One who is truly all powerful and supernatural—Jesus Christ.

Kirk Giles is the president of Promise Keepers Canada. However, his most important roles as a man are husband to Shannon and father to Carter, Joshua, Sydney and Samuel.