Let’s Rebuild the Church


Living the Good News of Reconciliation

John Perkins was born in 1930 in the Deep South, and was instrumental in the Civil Rights movement.  He, his wife (Vera Mae), and their children have ministered among the poor for nearly 50 years.

Today and Monday’s readings are from John’s book Welcoming Justice. The rest of the week’s readings are by Philip Yancey (Welcoming Justice), Brenda Salter McNeil and Rick Richardson (The Heart of Racial Justice), and Paul Tripp (Broken-Down House).

The church has been captivated by a church-growth strategy [that] says people are more likely to come to a church where most of the other people are like them.  So pastors in the suburbs catered their services and programs to middle class “seekers”.  Which means the poor aren’t members of our big churches.

If the gospel of reconciliation is going to interrupt the brokenness in society, our churches are going to have to rethink their [strategy].  When I read the bible, I always bring the problems of my community to God and ask when in history God’s people have had to face a similar challenge.  As I look at our situation today and the problems we face, I hear God speaking to the church in the words that he spoke through his prophets after exile. Coming out of our cultural captivity, I hear God saying that this is a time for rebuilding the church and remembering what it really means to be Christ’s body in the world.

Key Study Passage: Zechariah 8

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