The Master Weaver



Bill Myers is a writer / director / producer whose books and videos for children and adults have won 70 national and international awards. He is also managing partner of Amaris Media, a motion picture and media company. His work includes the McGee and Me book and video series and the Forbidden Doors book series for which he won the C. S. Lewis Honor Award. Bill is the author of The Jesus Experience – the book from which this week’s reading are adapted.

When I worship God, I’m lifted up to the 30,000-feet level, where I see worries and troubles more from his perspective. I understand he is the Master Weaver in charge of every thread that goes into weaving my tapestry.

There are times I simply don’t understand why I’m going through a problem, times I don’t know why God has chosen to weave some dark, ugly thread into the tapestry of my life.

But those are the kinds of times when I have two choices: I can kick and scream, demanding that he stop. Or I can worship and adore him, not understanding why he’s doing what he’s doing but somehow knowing that the dark, ugly thread will complement and bring out the beauty of all the other threads. I may not see its beauty when my nose is three inches from it, but as I worship and adore the Weaver, as I’m taken to a higher level and see the masterpiece from the Master’s perspective, I’m left breathless at his artistry.

Key Study Passage: Psalm 42

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