No Room for Self-Promotion


A Call to Community

Key Bible Verse: “Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant.” (Luke 22:26)

Dig Deeper: Luke 22:24-27

It is virtually impossible to build true community when there is a rigid hierarchy or members are competing for recognition. Consider the typical management structure of a corporation, the ownership dynamics of a professional sports team, the “command and control” approach in the military, and the pastoral leadership in too many churches; you get the picture. Where you find bosses and paycheques, delegators and implementers, performance reviews and reviewers, you usually don’t find much community. Enlisted troops and officers don’t typically hang out any more than mail room workers and CEOs cozy up for a beer after work. Friendships? Maybe. Teamwork? Hopefully. Community? Unlikely.

As you strive to build a serving community in which everyone is willing to get their towel dirty, you may encounter pride, self-promotion, and spiritual inflation.

It is hard to build a tower out of a pile of towels, but that doesn’t stop people from trying. Power-driven people will insist their towel belongs at the top. You’ll recall that tower building began in Genesis 11, but towel building is a similar temptation. There will be bragging rights (mine is dirtier, mine is older, mine is heavier) and internal power plays (mine belongs at the front of the line, mine generates more revenue, mine has more leadership octane).

– Bill Donahue in The Irresistible Community

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