Slow Down There's No Time To Waste

David Henderson is senior pastor of Covenant Church in West Lafayette, Indiana. An atheist in high school and college, David was called by God to faith as a senior in college and later into the ministry.  He has served in over a dozen countries since.

David and his wife, Sharon, have five kids. He is the author of Culture Shift and Tranquility – the source of this week’s readings.

Our moments matter – but out culture’s concern is for smaller and smaller increments of time.  The more each minute counts, the greater becomes the pressure to use each minute optimally.

Sometimes our greatest gifts are those God gives us in the form of disruption. An unexpected word of encouragement, a chance conversation that blossoms into spiritual matters, a fresh opportunity to trust God with outcomes – God delights to give us gifts through disruptions to our schedule.

A concern for efficiency and productivity, for making every minute count, can lead us to view others as resources to be used or as interruptions to be avoided rather than as people to be valued. Relationships are inherently inefficient. All involve spending lots of time just being together – not accomplishing something. God’s refining work in us – such as the forming of patience and perseverance – also offers no immediate payback. Yet these things keep coming up in Scripture as valuable, even if they are born of “wasted” time.

Key Study Passage: Psalm 37:3-7, 23-24

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