Prayer Is Messy


keep talking to god

Just like we pray when life is messy, we need to pray when things are good. – Daniel Fusco (Lead pastor at Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington)

Key Bible Verse: But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently. (Romans 8:25)

Dig Deeper: Romans 8:23-27

Prayer, like any relationship, grows by communication over time. That’s a great definition of intimacy – communication over time – and people with the most intimate relationship with God are people who have prayed the most, talked to God the most, and listened in return.

But also like any relationship, and like life itself, prayer is messy. How does it work? How should we do it? Why should we do it? How do we know if a prayer will be answered, and what should we do if it isn’t?

Right now, even while you’re reading this, you can think of something you want. Something that feels like it would make all the difference. But you’re not sure prayer is the way to get it. We’ve all experienced it – asking God for something and not receiving it. We wonder what’s the point of prayer, anyway.

Here’s what’s causing the disconnect: when we pray, we often want the benefits without the costs. That might sound harsh, but it’s true. We want God’s provision without the process, or the gift without the lesson that teaches it.

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