Secure in God’s Grace



Key Bible Verse: He saved us because of his mercy, and not because of any good things that we have done. (Titus 3:5, CEV)

Dig Deeper: Titus 3:4-7

In 2 Corinthians 3:18 Paul says, “We all, with unveiled faces, are looking as in a mirror at the glory of the Lord and are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory; this is from the Lord who is the Spirit.” Peter closes out his second epistle by saying, “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Throughout his entire letter Peter encourages believers to live responsibly while enjoying God’s grace. Our growth in Christ is a process-it doesn’t come all at once.

Yet even with these clear and encouraging truths, we still have struggles with sin. I used to feel that I would never be good enough to receive the love of God. Every waking hour I felt a sense of guilt because I thought I was frustrating God with my lackluster performance. To deal with the guilt, I would either work tirelessly for God’s affection, or I would shut down completely because I was tired of failing time and time again.

But [living in] God’s grace we start to realize that whether we make mistakes or obey God perfectly, he still loves us the same. During our entire process of growing, he never removes one ounce of his affection from us!

– D. A. Horton in Bound to be Free

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