Spiritual Narcolepsy

Monday, September 18, 2017

There is only one hero in all of the Sermon on the Mount … Jesus Christ, God himself. – Dhati Lewis (Lead pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, founder of the Rebuild Network, and BLVD Experience Team Director with the Send Network Team at the North American Mission Board)

Key Bible Verse: So then, let us not sleep, like the rest, but let us stay awake and be self-controlled. (1 Thessalonians 5:6, CSB)

Dig Deeper: 

God’s calling is one of abundant life. The call for anyone seeking to follow Jesus is to first deny himself, take up his cross, and then follow Jesus (Matt. 16:24). In reality, this call is not a call for you to lose anything; instead, it is a call for you to gain everything. The idolatry that runs rampant in our hearts can cause us to fall asleep to the things of God and the work he desires to do in and through us.

Narcolepsy is “a condition characterized by extreme tendency to fall asleep when in relaxing surroundings or during extreme emotions.” What’s interesting is that many of us can go through our Christian lives with spiritual narcolepsy. In Matthew, Jesus is calling out to a group of spiritually narcoleptic people. They have been falling asleep. They became so accustomed to their spiritual condition (sin) that they relaxed and fell asleep. At the same time, others just as easily fell asleep when confronted with an intense conviction of an issue — they are numb to it. And when these individuals were asleep, they were not responding to the things of God — they were unable to do so.

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