Key Bible Verse: Generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity. (Isaiah 32:8)

Dig Deeper: 

They’re intentional. They think it through. Strategic givers actually contemplate questions like these: “How can we be more generous? How can we maximize the blessings we have so we can be a blessing to others?”

Strategic givers tithe. They acknowledge that the first part of everything they make belongs to God and that they’re only returning to him (through his church and his work) what’s already his, out of obedience and love.

Many families, including my own, commit to such a strategic approach of giving and tithing. Amy and I schedule a monthly meeting to review: “Where are we giving? Are we seeing impact? How much do we have left to give? How much more do we need to give going forward?” This kind of intentionality has blessed us—and been used by God to bless others, we hope—into becoming stronger, better givers. We don’t simply react to our emotions or the need under our noses. The strategic giver realizes: giving is not something we do; generous is who we are. True to God’s promise, when we commit to giving consistently, we grow closer to him and see his purposes with new eyes.

– Craig Groeschel in Weird

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