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These are high energy conferences that motivate and encourage men to become followers of Jesus and to come alive in their faith.

“There’s a place in every man’s heart that longs to be courageous, to be bold and gutsy and etch a masculine mark of bravery on the human landscape. In our hearts, we know that a part of the core of true manhood is courage.” Dennis Rainey

Life gets busy; new responsibilities, work, family, bills- the everyday stuff can feel like a treadmill. Storms come. We emerge; sometimes better and sometimes broken. Where is the strength we need for the everyday and the storms?

Our strength is not in ourselves. Our strength is in Jesus. He longs to walk with us, bless us, use us to impact those we love, and make us stronger. He is our strength.

Learn what it means to live in Christ’s strength. Join men from across Canada for Stronger – PK Canada’s National Men’s Conferences. Be the hero God calls you to be. Be Stronger.

“Be strong and courageous.” – Joshua 1:9a