The World Is Listening


Unshakeable Happiness

Key Bible Verse: Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones; praise from the upright is beautiful. (Psalm 33:1, HCSB)

Dig Deeper:

God has made his church an instrument of praise. When the song plays, he is glorified and we are gladdened, but one more thing happens. The song of the church is heard by the world. There is something in every human soul that longs to sing the glory of God.

If we, the people of God, resolve to pursue the joy of the Lord in radical and countercultural ways, then we will root our songs in the one true source of beauty. We will root all our songs in the glory of God and cultivate and create and elevate harmonies of praise, not for ourselves but to the resonating worship of God. We won’t have time for petty and selfish bickering when the beauty of God is so manifest and weighty before us. And the world will hear our songs of joy.

We will never be fully satisfied until the song we sing is sung in total devotion. Our hearts long to sing the free song of heaven in the presence of the Lord, the unencumbered chorus of the saints in light, the songs of heaven with a thousand golden-throated angels. That’s the song we long to sing. That’s the chorus we must join to be free.

– Tim McConnell in Happy Church

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