Turn your world upside down

upsidedown_worldJesus is the most extreme man ever

by Kirk Giles

What is the most extreme thing you have ever done? I would likely answer that question by thinking about the time I tried skiing down the bunny slope on Mt. Hemlock in British Columbia. I was in Grade 6 and tore the cartilage in my knee. It was a painful experience, but the attention I got from all the girls for the next few weeks was well worth the pain. Most men I know seem really intrigued by those who are more extreme, but not enough to be extreme themselves. We watch from a distance for the adrenaline rush of seeing another guy hurt himself. Seriously, do you watch NASCAR to see 30 cars turn left for four hours or for another reason?

Here is the problem: Our inaction will often carry over into our spiritual lives as well. As men, many of you will read the articles in this edition of SEVEN and think to yourself that these men are doing crazy and amazing things in the name of Jesus. Yet, I wonder if the attraction to these and other stories that can be told is only at a surface level and reflects a glad-it-is-not-me attitude that many of us carry.

Acts 17 includes a story about Paul and Silas causing a stir when they visited Thessalonica. They made such an impression that non-Christian leaders in that city looked at the people in this early Church and said “these are the ones turning the world upside down” (Acts 17:6).

There are many faithful men throughout the world today who are doing their part to serve Jesus. The impact these men are having through the power of the Holy Spirit is profound. It can truly be said that the world is being turned upside down as the truth of Jesus and His way of living collides with the standards and priorities of the world. When this happens, the Way of Jesus reveals itself to be superior to the broken way of the world, and men are drawn to Him.

At Promise Keepers Canada, we are praying for and serving towards a day when there will be a movement of men who are becoming, growing and living as disciples of Jesus. We are not talking about tame men who simply go through the motions of Christianity, but true followers of Jesus who are searching every day to do what He said in the way He said to do it.

Are you ready to step up? Here is one practical way you can allow God to begin to shape you into a man who is extreme and serious about following Jesus. Take some time to just sit and study the words of Jesus—and then actually do what He says. In many Bibles, these are found in words written with red ink. Spend time allowing the Master to teach you. Allow Him to reveal needed changes in your life. And then, make those changes.

You will never experience a more extreme man than Jesus Christ. He’ll turn your world upside down.

Kirk Giles is president of Promise Keepers Canada. He and Shannon have been married for 17 years. They are the parents of four children, ages 8-15.

The article above was featured in the September 2009 issue of SEVEN magazine.