Unbelieving Doubt


Doubt that Deepens Faith

Key Bible Verse: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. (John 3:19)

Dig Deeper: John 3:18-21


Doubt is a powerful and mysterious force.  It is built mostly on questions, but those stem from a huge range of human realities: fear, anger, logic, intuition, and observation, to name a few.  Doubt can be either motivating or enervating.  It can cripple or it can restore.  Unbelieving doubt is that which cripples.

The unbelieving sort of doubt stops a person from moving forward.  It is the sort of doubt that looks ahead at what God promises and says either “I don’t think I want that” or “I don’t believe that exists.”  It is rebellion.

When unbelieving doubt poses a question, it is not interested in the answer for any reason other than to disprove it.  Unbelieving doubt is on the attack.  It is much more interested in the devastating effect of the question itself to erode the asker’s belief and hope in what is being questioned.  The asker is not asking to learn; [he] is asking in order to devastate.  [He] does not want to progress to an answer.  [He] wants to show that there is no answer.  Unbelieving doubt is not working toward anything, but merely against belief.  These doubts are the wild monsters that wreck faith and destroy the simplistically peaceful Christian lives so many people try to lead.

– Barnabas Piper in Help My Unbelief

My Response: What are some safeguards I can put in place to combat unbelieving doubt in my life?

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