Uncovering Virtue

FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2016

Seeing the Good in Others

Key Bible Verse: When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. (Romans 1:12)

Dig Deeper: Romans 16

Be eager to discover patience, self-control, humility, kindness, selfless acts, encouraging words, attentiveness, courtesy, interest in justice and the marginalized, hard work, and love. These [reflections] of divine goodness are best identified, praised, and enjoyed. If their appearance is episodic and brief, and even if they are contaminated with selfishness or pride, don’t let the unattractive features of someone’s life blind you to the good.

Her house is a mess, and her friends assume she will be late. [But] when help is needed, she is there and usually on time. When you speak with her, she hears you, is moved by what you say, and will pray for you more than will five other friends. Love is able to see past the clutter of a disorganized life.

Other evidence of the good in people is easy to see but only if you have access to some behind-the-scenes- details.

He is never too busy to help. [He drove two hours] to pick up a stranded member from his church. As he recounted the trip to a friend, it was clear that he’s enjoyed every moment of it, even though he’s been out quite late the night before. This good was recognized because the friend with whom he shared the story took the time to ask for a few more details.

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