Vulnerable Points


Set Online Boundaries

Key Bible Verse: [The LORD] grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity. (Proverbs 2:7)

Dig Deeper: Proverbs 2:6-19

To increase your odds of living with online integrity, you must start by telling the truth. I want you to pause for a moment and think about when you are the most vulnerable. Maybe it’s when you travel. You’re away from home. Working hard. Feeling lonely. And temptation strikes hard. Perhaps it’s when you’re bored. Without much happening on a Sunday afternoon, your mind starts to wander. You’re playing on social media. A few clicks later, you can end up somewhere you shouldn’t be. Maybe you’re easily distracted when you’re angry, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Maybe it’s gotten event worse for you. Perhaps you crossed some lower barriers a long time ago, and now you’re looking almost daily at things that are dangerous to your faith and poisonous to your soul. Maybe you’ve sent or received inappropriate [pictures or text messages]. Be honest. You are only as strong as you are honest.

Once you’ve determined your most vulnerable points, you’ll want to put up boundaries. If you don’t have a strong wall of defense, build one. If you have some vulnerable spots in what used to be a wall, close those gaps and eliminate the obvious access points. If you are even remotely tempted or think you might be vulnerable, plan today to stay out of trouble tomorrow.

– Craig Groeschel in #Struggles

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