Weekend Bible Study


Why Put Jesus in Charge

Religious people seem to have it all together.  They often pride themselves in their ability to act right and live right, and they turn their noses up at those who aren’t a part of their self-righteous religious club.  That was certainly true of the Pharisees and religious teachers in Jesus’s day.  When they picked their disciples, they were looking for the budding theological scholars and young men who kept all the right religious rules.  Not so with Jesus – as becomes very clear in this week’s Key Study Passage.

Key Study Passage: Luke 5:27-31

  1. Why do you think Matthew decided to leave everything and follow Jesus (v. 28)?
  2. What first attracted you to Jesus?  Why did you decide to follow him?
  3. Why would it have been very difficult for the Pharisees and their teachers to give up their brand of religion and follow Jesus?  What did they fail to realize about themselves? (See vv. 30-31; Isa. 64:6; Rom. 3:9-18, 23.)
  4. What do you think Matthew and the other disciples gained by following Jesus?  (See Matt. 16:24-26; Mark 10:28-31; John 8:12, 10:10.)
  5. What have you gained from following Jesus?  (After you’ve thought of some of your own answers, look back to Friday’s devotion.)

Spend Time in Prayer: Thank God for several specific blessings he has brought into your life because you’ve chosen to follow him; express your desire to follow his lead even when you don’t understand where he’s taking you.

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