Weekend Bible Study


Doubt that Deepens Faith

Israel had been conquered and the best and brightest had been taken into exile in Babylon.  Where was God?  On top of that, a group of prophets were falsely claiming the exiles would soon return and everything would be fine again.  Really?  Rumors, hearsay, a God who was eerily silent when his people needed him most?  The conditions were ripe for doubt.  Yet, in this hopeless, doubt-filled situation, God reached out to remind his people that if they search with all their hearts, they’ll find him and he will restore them (vv. 13-14).

Key Study Passage: Jeremiah 29:4-19

  1. What were some reasons for the Israelites to doubt?  What were some reasons for them to have faith in the midst of doubt?
  2. What are the promises God makes to his people in this passage?
  3. What are some doubts or questions that you struggle with?  How can this passage help you address those doubts and questions?
  4. What are some signs of God’s faithfulness in your life that you can remember when you are tempted to doubt?

Spend Time in Prayer: Tell God about any doubts, questions, or fears you have.  Ask him to help you to be faithful and anchored in the bedrock of his truth even as you seek answers.

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