When Unbelief Breaks In


Doubt that Deepens Faith

Barnabas Piper works for the Leadership Development team of LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, Tennessee.  He writes for WorldMag.com and TheBlazingCenter.com and is a cohost of the Happy Rant podcast.

Barnabas and his wife, Lesley, have two daughters.  He is the author of Help My Unbelief – the source of this week’s readings.

For many who are from traditional evangelical contexts, the idea of a Christian not believing is [out of the question].  They will feel their consciences condemning them for even considering it.  The general expectation, not always expressed but always felt, is that good, solid Christians have no doubts and can defend or explain everything they believe.  The idea of exploring our unbelief is terrifying, and many won’t even go there.  That realm of doubt and grays and fog is where the wild things are.  It’s much safer to stay in a nicely organized, easily explained, strongly fortified world of belief.

What happens, though, when unbelief breaks in?  What happens when doubts and questions break through the walls of their comfy domestic belief?  What happens when loss of employment happens, divorce happens, destitution happens, or disease happens?  Then the wild things rip that [vulnerable] faith to shreds and scatter the pieces far and wide.  This is why we must being engaging the wild things, the questions, the doubts, and teach our kids to do the same as they mature.

Key Study Passage: Jeremiah 29:4-19

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