Why Sports?


The enjoyment of play and the resultant delight in competition is a celebration of the goodness of our Creator God. – David E. Prince (Assistant professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a pastor of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky)

Key Bible Verse: Praise the Lord! Let my whole being praise the Lord! (Psalm 146:1, CEB)

Dig Deeper: 

After giving a talk on sports and Christian discipleship in a seminary setting, a professor approached me and said, “We don’t need sports to accomplish our Christian gospel mission, so why would we care?” I responded by asking him, “Do you read books other than the Bible, theology, and commentaries? Why?”

It is true that sports are not fundamentally necessary for human survival but neither are singing, dancing, reading novels, hiking, or strolls on the beach. Sports may not be necessary, but they are an inevitable and reflexive response to the world God created. Song is not necessary to human sustenance and existence; nevertheless, singing is an instinctive and appropriate response to God’s creative work. Such is true of all of the performing arts, of which sports are a competitive manifestation. God did not create sports—people did. But people created sports in response to the world God created. Sporting competition is capable of reflecting God’s creative glory and design in his image bearers, and thus presents an opportunity to celebrate our unique identity in God’s world.

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